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Private classes :
Private classes open every day at recommended time or your required time. Private classes last for 3 � 4 hours, you can choose any 5 dishes in the menu to learn (please note that all dishes except for the marked one have vegetarian version)

Spring Roll ( with matching dipping sauce)

1, Nem Ran - Traditional fried spring roll
2, Pho Cuon - Fresh beef spring roll
3, Goi Cuon - Traditional fresh spring roll
4, Cuon La Cai - Fresh kale roll with shrimp and porp
5,Nem Ga Tom - Fried chicken and shrimp roll (no vegetarian)


1, Pho - Traditional beef noodle soup
2, Bun Cha - Traditional grilled pork noodle soup
3, Banh Da Ca Tron - Fish noodle mixed
4, Bun Hai San - Seafood noodle soup (no vegetarian)
5, Com Rang Thap Cam - all flavoured fried rice
6, Banh Xeo - Sizzling pancake
7, Bun Suon Chua - Summer pork rib noodle soup
8, Ga Xao Sa Ot - Stir-fried chicken with lemongrass and chilli
9, Ga Kho Gung - Clay pot ginger chicken
10, Suon Xao Chua Ngot - sweet and sour pork rib
11, Cha Chia- Pork and shrimp sugarcane wrap
12, Banh Tom - Shrimp potato pancake
13, Ca Tim Nhoi Chay - Vegetarian stuffed eggplant
14, Banh Mi Sot Vang - Beef au vin with baguette
15, Pho Ga - Traditional chicken noodle soup
16, Thit Kho Tau – Caramelized pork
17, Ga Hat Dieu – Chicken with cashew nut and veggies)
18, Bo Luc Lac – Beef 5 spices with veggies
19, Ca Kho To - Stew fish 5 spices
20, Muc Nhoi Thit – stuffed squid


1, Nom du du bo kho - Papaya salad with dried beef
2, Nom Hoa Chuoi Thit Ga- Banana blossom salad with chicken
3, Goi Buoi Tom Thit - Pomelo salad with shrimp and pork
4, Nom Rau Muong - Morning glory salad
5, Nom Dua Chuot - Cucumber salad
6, Nom Ga – Chicken and veggie salad


1, Ca Phe Trung - Egg coffee
2, Sua Chua Nep Cam - Black sticky rice yogurt
3, Che Hat Sen Long Nha- Lotus longan dessert
4, Banh Chuoi - Banana pancake with ice-cream
5, Tra Trai Vai - lichee tea
6, Kem Chuoi – banana ice-cream with coconut and peanut
7, Hoa Qua Dam – Fruit mix dessert Vietnam style
8, Banh Chuoi Dap – Steamed banana cake

Price /Person/Number of people in your private Group Solo ( 01 Pax ) 2 Pax 3 to 4 Pax 5 to 7 Pax up 8 Pax Up
75 USD 50 USD 45 USD 40 USD 38 USD

Our guide will pick you up in your hotel or meet up in some agreed middle point. The class lasts 3 hours, starting with the market trip. The guide will bring you to a traditional market and tell you about the main ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine, so you can have a clearer overview about Vietnamese food and an insight into Vietnamese herbs and spices ( herbs and spices are important in Asian dishes). You will get to know some key useful Vietnamese words to buy and bargain the necessary ingredients yourself , which is very useful for you to bargain anything you want to buy afterward in your Vietnam trip.
After buying the necessary ingredients for the class you choose, you will come back to our class kitchen and listen to the dishes’ principles and general methods, then watch how the guide prepare the foods. After that you can cook yourself and enjoy your Masterpiece!!!
With Apron Up Cooking Class, you can really get your hands on the cooking. You will buy & bargain your own ingredients and make everything from the scratch. Enroll in this class, you are guaranteed to have unforgetable experience while in Vietnam, and confidient to treat your beloved family and friends with the mesmerising Viet dishes when you come back.
Inclusions: English - Speaking chef, welcome tea, market trip, all ingredients, 5 dishes, cook book, certificate 
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By Email : apronupcookingclass@gmail.com

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APron Up Cooking Class
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Tel : 0942 406 686 - Website: www.apronupcookingclass.com - Email : apronupcookingclass@gmail.com