Apron Up Cooking Class " Cooking is never going to be a job, it’s a passion

1, Phở
The most famous dish in Vietnam food culture. It is undoubtedly the queen of Vietnamese food. The local people have a comparation of Rice as the wife and Pho as the “mistress”. Pho is a speciality, you cannot eat everyday, but you always desire for it
2 , Nem
Vietnamese spring roll is well-known for its delicacy and iconic Vietnamese culinary character, if you have not tried spring roll, you have not come to Vietnam
3, Bún Chả
The fresh vermicelli and chargrilled pork dipped in the Vietnamese sauce is one of the most typical dish in Hanoi
4, Bún bò Nam Bộ
A simple, infamous dish in the South of Vietnam, but when it comes to Hanoi and the cultures cross, Bun Bo Nam Bo become more attractive than ever!
5, Nem đại an lạc
A vegetarian version of spring roll, the Peace and Prosperity roll is suitable for the vegan. The local people eat veggie in the beginning of new lunar months for good lucks to come.
6, Nộm đu đủ bò khô
Green papaya salad with beef jerky, nice and fresh!
7, Nộm bưởi tôm
Grapefruit and shrimp salad, the gift from the tropical
8, Cà phê trứng
The unique Vietnamese egg coffee, the culture cross between Vietnam and France
9, Kem chuối
The childhood taste of Vietnamese people
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